Entry No. : 5/8 Dt : 26th January, 2007.
A Force More Powerful
174 min./USA/Doc-feature-2000
Director - Producer: Steve York
A York Zimmerman INC Production
About the film :  
The film is a work of art, because, first it is a work of fact…”
The two part documentary reveals one of the 20th century’s most important but least understood stories- how millions chose to battle the forces of brutality and oppression with non-violent weapons and won.
With archival footage and interviews with witnesses and survivors, Force tells six stories of successful non-violent movements which used strikes, slowdowns, boycotts and massive demonstrations to topple dictators, foil military invaders, establish democracy and win human rights. Here are the heroes, some known some unsung, who changed the course of the 20th century. Their power flowed not form the barrel of a gun but from discipline and form shrewd tactical planning.
Tracing how the movements inspired, borrowed from and built on each other, the series begins in 1907 with a young Mohandas Gandhi, the most influential leader in the history of non-violent resistance, as he rouses his fellow Indians living in South Africa in a non-violent struggle against racial oppression.
About the Director:  
Steve York is a veteran documentary filmmaker who has worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America on subjects ranging from religious fundamentalism to American history to non-violent conflict. His programs are regularly seen on PBS and the networks and have been recognized with awards at major film and television festivals and competitions.
The film has won:  
7. Emmy Nomination – Outstanding Historical Program
8. Gold Hugo – Chicago International Television Competition
9. The Chris Statuette – Columbus International Film & Video Festival
10. Silver Camera – U.S. International Film and Video Festival
11. Winner – 2nd Annual Jan Karski Film Competition
12. Telly Award
Enquiries :  
York Zimmerman INC
2233 Wisconsin Ave. #502, Washington, DC 20007 USA.
Entry No. : 22/10 Dt : 26th January, 2007.
Salonika – City of Silence
52 min./Belgium/French/Doc-2003
Director: Maurice Amaraggi
Camera: Michel Baudour
Production: Nemo Films (Maurice Amaraggi)
About the film :  
The object of this documentary is to expose the disappearance, the obliteration, and the omission of a culture. The disappearance of a humanist equilibrium during the Ottoman Empire and the willful erasing of the non conformist history of a city which did not adhere to the nationalistic ideology that turned the Balkans upside down and continues to do so. Who still remembers Salonika, a multicultural city with a Jewish majority for half a century? The ancient Jerusalem of the Balkans has become a forgotten city. The film is organized around a stroll of the actual city, highlighted by words of some survivors of the extermination camps of 1943 and by the director, born in Salonika, who is putting together the bits of memories and nostalgia…
Enquiries :  
Wallonie Image Production (WIP)
Quai des Ardennes 16-17
B-4020 Liege
Tel : +32 4 340 10 40
Fax : +32 4 340 10 41
E-mail : info@wip.be
Website : http://www.wip.be
Entry No. 9/9 Dt : 26th January, 2007.
ARISTIDE and the Endless Revolution
Production Director: Nicolas Rossier
Editor: Cameron Clendaniel
Co-Producer: Roopa Chowdhury
Camera: Jawad Metni
Narration: Ross Douglas
About the film :  

“An absorbing piece of investigative journalism….!”

An hour south of Miami is the western hemisphere’s poorest nation, Haiti. In 2004, the democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was taken against his will from Haiti in an American helicopter. Having been deposed once with CIA backing in 1991, the 2004 coup d’etat was not the first American intervention into Haitian politics, nor will it likely be the last…

sAristide wanted a scenario where rich and poor can work together… where abject misery can be uplifted to dignified poverty! But his philosophy is turned into a dilemma… a problem…

Winner of Best Documentary Award - Pan African Film Festival, 2006

About the Director:
Nicolas Rossier is a New Yorker of Swiss French descent and has been living in New York for about 10 years. He studied theatre and film production at the school for Visual Arts and the Lee Strasburg Institute. Nicolas has worked on several films and theatrical productions as an actor and producer. His television documentary ‘Brothers and others’ distributed by Arab Films, was the first in US dealing with the impact of 9/11 on Muslims and Arabs in America. ‘ARISTIDE…’ is his most recent documentary that premiered last December at the New York Video Festival and is now distributed by First Run features.
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Entry No. : 39/10 Dt : 26th January, 2007
Hope For The Future
Director-Producer: Kent Nason & B.C. Teresa
About the film :  

Armed with video cameras thirty two students from across Canada travel to the Balkans seeking that elusive goal, ‘To make the world a more peaceful place.’ A life changing journey of these young people and their teachers to Belgrade, Serbia. They embark on a mission to spend their holidays doing something special.

The film has participated in numerous film festivals and won honorable mention in 54th Columbus International Film and Video Festival, 2006.

About the Director-Producer Duo:
Kent Nason began his filmmaking career with Crawley Films in Ottawa in 1969. He joined the National Film Board of Canada in 1973 as a cinematographer and participated in the formation of an NFB film production studio in the Atlantic region. He has photographed over 200 hundred films in his career and has been a freelance cinematographer and videographer for the last five years. Kent has also edited, directed and produced documentaries. He has travelled all over the world shooting films that have been broadcast internationally and screened at major film festivals. Many of these programs have been nominated for and have won numerous awards.
Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Teresa came to the film and television industry from a background in social work and psychology. While completing her Bachelor of Arts degree at Simon Fraser University in 1988, she became involved in filmmaking. Working as an independent producer, director and editor Teresa has gone on to direct a dozen documentaries for television.
Enquiries :  
Sea to Sea Productions Ltd.
477 Island View Drive
Boutilier’s Point, NS
Canada B3Z 1R3
Telephone: (902) 826-2858
Fax: (902) 820-2497