Dear Film Makers and Film Lovers,

World is becoming more violent on all fronts & 10th edition of 7Islands International Film Festival India (26th – 30th Jan. 2016), invites films on Non-Violence to Earth & Organic Living.

There is no entry fee for films. Feature, documentary, animation, all film formats are welcome.

The festival is also free to audience. This is zero budget festival where money is not the basic unit of energy exchange but time, energy, creativity and resources are shared. We invite you to come forward and take responsibility to share the resources that you may have with the festival and become our co-creators. The resource could be a film, sponsoring speakers, advertising for the festival, helping us with the website, creating T-shirts, writing content for the brochures to name few. The festival is organic in principle that says, life nurtures life.

In this 10th edition of the festival, films which directly or indirectly reflects the violence caused by an individual, society & corporates to our Earth & Mother Nature is welcome. Chemical farming and GMO have harmed Mother Earth, health of planet including ours and destroyed the bio diversity. Through this festival we aim to create awareness, generate positive alternate way of living and creating sustainability. We are not anti any organization or way of life. However, the consequences of their way of business may be creating havoc which needs to be brought to Light.

We also aim to create dialogues with youth by discussing various ways of life between films. As Urban Farmers are on increase terrace gardening, rain water harvesting and Permaculture Design of farming are all part of this festival. Organic way of not just farming, but living and thinking is to be restored.

Mala Kapadia